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Farmacy Herbs in Providence, RI chemical-free

Founded in 1918, Farmacy Herbs is a 5 acre farm run by Mary Blue.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
28 Cemetery Street
Providence, RI

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2 miles from Providence, RI 02904
(401) 270-5223 preferred

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A little about Farmacy Herbs
We cultivate, wildcraft and formulate our herbal medicine on the premises and on local farms. Our collection of tinctures, tea blends and herbal products are produced by Farmacy's staff of herbalists, apprentices, volunteers and the Herbal Education and Training Program (HEAT).
Our mission is to not only sell high quality herbal products, but to educate the public on a variety of local, medicinal plants. Our adult and kids educational programs focus on sustainability and empower students to use holistic approaches in their lives.
In addition to producing and selling herbs and herbal products, our shop is open to the public four days a week. We carry a wide range of bulk dried herbs, herbal products, bottles, jars and books. April through October we sell compost and mulch.
Sundays 12am-5pm
Mondays 10am-5pm
Thursdays 10am-5pm
Fridays 10am-5pm

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Farm Profile: Farmacy Herbs by Augusta Vieira
Published: May 14, 2020

Providence, RI - by Augusta Vieira, Tolman High School Marketing & Management Academy Student

In 2008, Mary Blue lost her best friend and her sister-in-law to cancer. Jessica Gill and Suzy Hastings were the two that lost their lives. Knowing how badly Mary wanted to open her own herbal shop and resource center, Jessica asked that all the donations when she passed be made to Mary to start her own business. That same year of their passing, Mary collected enough money to open her own business, named Farmacy Herbs, along with the Farmacy Herbs Community Health and Education Center.

I got the opportunity speak to Mary Blue about her business and everything that happened before Farmacy Herbs impacted her life. Before starting the company, she worked as an herbalist and created herbal products, which she used and created plants as medicine with. After she got Farmacy Herbs off the ground, she saw the company as a business and a family tradition since it was started through the wishes of her late friend.

Unlike most farms that grow vegetables and crops, what is different about Farmacy Herbs is that they don't grow vegetables. Instead they grow the ingredients for things such as bulk herbs, Farmacy tea blends, culinary herbs, honey, topical products, lip balms, salve, infused oils, clays, butters, and wax.

In addition to selling products at Farmacy Herbs, Mary also offers her products in places such as doctor offices, restaurants, and at local farmers markets. Some of the restaurants in Providence, RI, to whcih Farmacy sells their products include Chez Pascal, Nick's on Broadway, and AS220 Food and Bar. They also sell to Clover Foods in Boston, MA.

Working with Farm Fresh RI had an impact on Farmacy Herbs. Being able to sell at their farmers markets increased business and “being well organized and good communicators” changed the business for Farmacy Herbs.

Looking to expand Farmacy Farms, Mary offers herb classes online, internships, summer camps, and more. Some of the educational programs offered are community classes in which participants visit schools, nonprofit groups, garden clubs, medical professionals, and nursing homes to teach communities how to make certain products that Farmacy offers. Mary Blue is also looking forward to the RI Herbal Festival, currently scheduled for September 2020.

If you wish to visit Farmacy Herbs, they are located at 28 Cemetery St in Providence, RI. To contact them by phone, you may do so at 401-270-5223. And for more information, visit their website at

A group of students from the William E. Tolman High School Marketing & Management Academy in Pawtucket recently took on a project of writing profiles about some of the local farms that work with Farm Fresh RI. This was a great opportunity for students to get interviewing experience, learn about the local food system, and see it firsthand. Thank you to all of the students and farmers who participated!