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Hidden Brook Gardens in Ledyard, CT organic certified

Founded in 2006, Hidden Brook Gardens is a 10 acre farm run by William Sokol & Anita Kopchinski.

Some of what we grow is available year-round.
551 Colonel Ledyard Highway
Ledyard, CT

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1 miles from Ledyard, CT 06339
(860) 912-1767

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A little about Hidden Brook Gardens
Hidden Brook Gardens, LLC, a certified organic farm located in Ledyard, CT, was started in 2006 by Bill Sokol and Anita Kopchinski. It specializes in fruit, vegetables and herbs and focuses on heirloom varieties to encourage bio-diversity as well as excellent flavors.

The farm’s guiding philosophy is to be in balance with nature by enriching and continuously building the soil with organic compost and amendments. Beginning in 2011, our focus became ensuring the nutrient density of the vegetables/fruits we grow. Towards that end we have attended seminars on this approach and have modified the feeding of our soil to ensure necessary trace elements and minerals as well as beneficial microorganisms are readily available at the appropriate concentrations.

When you visit Hidden Brook Gardens you will observe the beautiful crops which are surrounded by an abundance of wild birds, bees, and other beneficial pollinators that make the farm their home as well.
Our services were engaged by Allyn's Red Barn Apple Orchard in 2009. At that time we began the 3 year organic transition process of this well established conventional orchard—we will apply for organic certification in 2012.

Bill and Anita are proponents of supplying high quality fruits, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, cider, jams and jellies in season to the local community.