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Greystones Farm in Millbury, MA integrated pest mgmt

Founded in 1921, Greystones Farm is a 100 acre farm run by J. Todd Miles.
83 Grafton St
Millbury, MA

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0 miles from Millbury, MA 01527
(508) 688-4657 preferred

E-mail jtmilesmmr@aol.com

A little about Greystones Farm
We keep a flock of about 10 sheep (down from 50 to 100). We specialize in Easter lambs sold wholesale via the FLAME and Northampton co-ops. We do NOT sell lambs direct to consumers, but do sell breeding stock (Dorset X) to other growers. We also sell the "BaaayState Blanket", a cooperative project. We join with about a dozen Massachusetts shepherds to make these heirloom quality blankets.They are made in Massachusetts from 100% Massachusetts wool. As of this writing I have 3 blankets left, a king, a queen and a twin. I can refer you to another co-op member for other sizes. We also grow about an acre of specialty vegetables and fruit that we sell at our seasonal stand at our new location at 83 Grafton St. Look for the white truck. We have closed our former location at the Millbury/Sutton line. We are not organic but do use sustainable methods. We opened for sweet corn for the last week in July and the first week of August for 2018. I was some of the best sweet corn that we have ever grown. We re-opened in October with pumpkins and corn stalks We are now CLOSED for the season.
Our cider is unpasteurized, It is legal to sell direct for drinking, BUT WE DON'T. Dartmouth Orchards in Dartmouth Mass sells a very nice unpasteurized cider, and you can buy it there. Our cider is sold to be home fermented into hard cider. In addition to common apples like Macs and Honeycrisp, we use special cider apples like Ashmeads Kernal,Bedan,Bramley's Seedling,CrinsonCrisp, Enterp;rise, Harrison,Husson Golden Gem, Galerina, Redfield , Roxbury Russett, Sweet Bough, and Wine Crisp. It is made to special order at $8 per half gallon. All cider is made on a 100+ yr old Palmer Number 7 press with wooden racks. We have not "upgraded" to the new plastic racks, and the cider is pressed with a Hocking Valley screw, not a hydraulic ram, so yield is a little lower. This is the same press that we used at the former Tainter Hill farm. Expected 2019 production is already spoken for. We don't have cider apples for sale, but hope to over the next few years as younger trees come into production.





Breeding Stock

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