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Greystones Farm in Millbury, MA integrated pest mgmt

Founded in 1921, Greystones Farm is a 75 acre farm run by J. Todd Miles.
83 Grafton St
Millbury, MA

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0 miles from Millbury, MA 01527
(508) 688-4657 preferred

E-mail [email protected]

A little about Greystones Farm
Our 2021 season is finished. Customers told us that our sweet corn was the "Best Ever!". Danielle is pictured in the field where we grew it. I am retired from my "day job" , and have returned to full time farming. We sell only what we grow, so I will open when we have enough produce, and time to sell it.

A few of my customers remember working on the farm when we had 40 acres of vegetables, plus the apples at Tainter Hill Farm. It is fun to "catch up", and I wish that I was young enough to offer summer jobs to another generation of kids, but I do it all alone and with family members now. Our operation is very small, now that I'm "retired".
The farm was recently profiled in Farm and Ranch magazine, and the FEDCO co-op seed catalog mentions our work with "Blacktail Mountain" watermelons.

RECYCLE WITH US! Thanks to the customers who bring us clean bags for corn. The best ones are the heavy duty plastic bags from Price Rite or WalMart. We also take egg cartons and plastic flower pots. We recycle the soil too.

Help us to help the butterflies....... We are "members" of the unorganized group of New England farmers and land owners who encourage wild milkweed on our land. I think that it is working. We saw more Monarch butterflies this season than in a long time. When you buy from us and other local farmers, you support the effort.

All lambs are spoken for. We are still part of the Baaay State Blanket project. Our composted sheep manure is sold out for the season. Our wool is sold out. Freshly sheared Hand Spinning Fleece will be available in the spring. Our medium white wool is very ordinary, but a real deal at $20 per fleece. Send us an email to reserve.

Our membership in FEDCO allows us to support the co-op"s "Black Benefit Sharing", and "Indigenous Royalties" programs. Consider FEDCO for your home garden needs.

We accept most Massachusetts Farmer's Market and WIC coupons only at the Mattapan Farmer's Market. Due to our non-regular hours at the Grafton St location, coupon rules due not allow us to accept them there. We can not accept out of state coupons.

We have listed the crops that we plan to grow this season. We have the seed on hand, but obviously we need to grow it before we can sell it. SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!!

Todd Miles

14 Jan 2022