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Greystones Farm in Millbury, MA integrated pest mgmt

Founded in 1921, Greystones Farm is a 75 acre farm run by J. Todd Miles.
83 Grafton St
Millbury, MA

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0 miles from Millbury, MA 01527
(508) 688-4657 preferred



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A little about Greystones Farm
Thankyou for a great, if short, 2020 season! Customers told me that my sweet corn was the "Best Ever!". Danielle is pictured in the field where we grew it. I was only open for a few days, with limited produce, but I enjoyed meeting customers. This year we will be open on more days. I am retired from my "day job" , and have returned to full time farming. We sell only what we grow, so I will open when we have enough produce, and time to sell it. We are best known for sweet corn, but grow a few really great melons too. I have ordered seed for about a dozen kinds of melons this year. In addition to "San Juan" and "Halona", there will be several heirlooms from Baker Creek Seed Co. This year I am also going to grow 9 kinds of radishes, and 6 kinds of carrots, just to mix it up a little . A slice of "Watermelon" radish is shown below. Todd is pictured with Cardoon flowers, but we will have no cardoon this season due to winter kill.

A few of my customers remember working on the farm when we had 40 acres of vegetables, plus the apples at Tainter Hill Farm. It is fun to "catch up", and I wish that I was young enough to offer summer jobs to another generation of kids, but I do it all alone and with family members now. Our operation is very small, now that I'm "retired".

The farm was recently profiled in Farm and Ranch magazine, and the FEDCO co-op seed catalog mentions Todd's work with "Blacktail Mountain" watermelons.

Thanks to FarmFresh for putting us on this free site. It is a great resource. I know a lot of the other farmers listed, and each farm is worth your time to visit.

RECYCLE WITH US! Thanks to the customers who bring us clean bags for corn. The best ones are the heavy duty bags from Price Rite or WalMart. We also take egg cartons that we give to egg producers. We also take plastic flower pots, and recycle the soil too.

Our apple cider is made on a custom basis for home hard cider makers, and is wood pressed on the 100 year old Palmer press from our former Tainter Hill Farm.

We are down to just a few sheep, and all lambs are spoken for. We are expanding the flock, but moving away from Easter lamb production. Using the Cornell STAR system, and lessons from the Pipestone school, we plan a year around lambing system, that should produce 50 lambs a year. We are still part of the Baaay State Blanket project. We don't sell the dried sheep manure that people are looking for, but Smith Country Cheese in Winchendon, Mass has good substitutes made from cow manure.

Garlic scapes, cardoon, and purslane are picked to order only. Green Mountain seed potatoes are very expensive this year, so I will not be planting any. I will have the Huckleberry Gold, Pinto, and Peter Wilcox varieties, as well as several hundred pounds of common yellow fleshed spuds. Huckleberry Gold is one of the new low GI potatoes that diabetics are looking for. I will only have a few, mostly for our own use, so email me if you need me to put a few aside. I have been unable to find any Carisma seed. So far it is only sold in Canada. A few 2 kilo (about 5 lb) bags sold on the internet at $99, plus shipping, so I expect that more people will be growing it next year, if seed is available.

Look for me to open in late July. If you want to be on my email list, shoot me an email.

WEEKLY FARM UPDATES will be posted here, for those not on our email list. Our tomato plants, started in February are getting big. It is still a little early and I risk frost kill, but I've started planting the biggest ones. The potatoes are all planted and starting to come up. Dahlias and Glads, for cut flowers, are starting to grow too. There was a time when I'd have had a few acres of corn in the ground by now, but the "super sweet" corn that we grow now requires warmer soil. We will start planting, weather permitting, in another week or 10 days. We get our first picking in late July or early August.

Todd Miles
8 May 2021





Greystones Farm Greystones Farm

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