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FarmstandsFarm Stands
  1. Goodwin Brothers North Smithfield
  2. Wright's Dairy Farm North Smithfield
  3. Beanhouses Little Compton
  4. Hi On A Hill Herb Farm North Smithfield
  5. Ironstone Farm Uxbridge, MA
  6. Wojcik's Farm Blackstone, MA
  7. Maybe Tomorrow Farm Chepachet
  8. Mapleville Farm Mapleville
  9. Liberty Farm Harrisville
  10. Liberty Farm Harrisville
  11. Harmony Hill Nursery Chepachet
  12. Blackbird Farm Smithfield
  13. Lucky Fields Farmstead Chepachet
  14. Jaswell's Farm Smithfield
  15. Pleasant View Farm Smithfield
  16. Leach Farm & Orchard Greenville
  17. Harmony Hill Farm Glocester
  18. Leach Farm & Orchard Greenville
  19. STEERE ORCHARD Smithfield
  20. Lightning Ridge Farm, Inc. Chepachet
  21. Greener Acres Farms Mendon, MA
  22. Cook's Valley Farm Wrentham, MA
  23. Bettencourt Farm Pascoag
  24. Angell Farm Lincoln
  25. Captain Elisha Steere Farm Greenville
  26. Diamond Hill Vineyards Cumberland
  27. Phantom Farms Cumberland
  28. Appleland Orchard Smithfield
  29. Knight Farm Orchard and Country Breakfast Restaurant North Scituate
  30. Butterfly Farm Lincoln
  31. Sandy Beach Farms Cumberland
  32. Franklin Farm Cumberland
  33. Petersen Farm CHEPACHET
  34. Stamp Egg Farms Johnston
  35. Howard Farm Glocester
  36. Barden Family Orchard North Scituate
  37. The Big Apple & Pine Hedge Orchards Wrentham, MA
  38. Dame Farm and Orchards Johnston
  39. Attleboro Farms North Attleborough, MA
  40. Martinelli's Farm and Charcuterie, LLC Scituate

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CSACommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  1. Long Entry Farm Chepachet
  2. Triple Creek Farm Mapleville
  3. Natural Harvest Farm Harrisville
  4. Chockalog Farm Uxbridge, MA
  5. Terrosa Farms Mendon, MA
  6. Angell Farm Lincoln
  7. Captain Elisha Steere Farm Greenville
  8. Phantom Farms Cumberland
  9. Hocus Pocus Farm Cumberland
  10. The Farm Chepachet
  11. None chepachet
  12. Sweet Pea Farm Lincoln
  13. Red Planet Vegetables Johnston

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