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FarmstandsFarm Stands
  1. Cluck & Trowel Little Compton
  2. Young Family Farm Little Compton
  3. Walker's Roadside Stand Little Compton
  4. Boughs & Berry Farm Little Compton
  5. Sweet & Salty Farm Little Compton
  6. Sweet & Salty Farm Little Compton
  7. Cathy Bardsley Little Compton
  8. Old Stone Orchard Little Compton
  9. Sakonnet Farm Tiverton
  10. Helger's Farm Tiverton
  11. Peckham Farm Middletown
  12. Anchor Organics Tiverton
  13. Aquidneck Farms Portsmouth
  14. Sweet Berry Farm Middletown
  15. Wingover Farm Tiverton
  16. Orr's Farm Westport, MA
  17. Stonehaven Farm Westport, MA
  18. Bally Machree Middletown
  19. Baw Farm Portsmouth
  20. Decastro Farms Portsmouth
  21. Goodlands Garden South Kingstown
  22. Simmons Farm Middletown
  23. The Golden Robin Westport Point, MA
  24. Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery Westport, MA
  25. Diamond Acre Farm Westport, MA
  26. Triple S Farm Westport, MA
  27. Maplewood Farm Portsmouth
  28. Noquochoke Orchards Westport, MA
  29. Quansett Gardens Westport, MA
  30. Newport Lobster Shack Newport

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CSACommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  1. Cluck & Trowel Little Compton
  2. Wishing Stone Farm Little compton
  3. Roots Farm Tiverton
  4. Skinny Dip Farm Westport, MA
  5. Roots Farm Middletown
  6. The Local Catch Westport, MA
  7. The Local Patch Portsmouth
  8. Simmons Farm Middletown
  9. Garman Farm Middletown
  10. Roots Farm Tiverton

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Who Buys Local
RestaurantsRestaurants + Cafés
  1. The Last Stand Seasonal Market Little Compton
  2. Crowther's Restaurant Little Compton
  3. Grays Daily Grind Westport, MA
  4. Back Eddy Restaurant Westport, MA
  5. Fatulli's Bakery Middletown
  6. Partners Village Store Westport, MA
  7. Custom House Coffee Middletown
  8. Starfish Bakery Westport, MA
  9. Provencal Bakery and Cafe Middletown
  10. Eva Ruth's Specialty Bakery Middletown
  11. Boss Man Burgers Middletown
  12. Ten Cousins Brick Oven Westport, MA
  13. Brenton Hotel/the Living Room Newport
  14. June Loves English Bakery Middletown
  15. Sprout and Lentil Middletown
  16. Newport Wine Cellar & Gourmet Newport
  17. Coddington Brewing Co Middletown
  18. Malt Newport
  19. Melville Grille Portsmouth
  20. Empire Tea & Coffee Newport
  21. La Maison De Coco Newport
  22. Hotel Viking Newport
  23. Keenwah Eatery Newport
  24. The White Horse Tavern Newport

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GrocersRetailers + Groceries
  1. The Holistic Trick Little Compton
  2. The Last Stand Seasonal Market Little Compton
  3. Cory's Kitchen @ Sweet Berry Farm Middletown
  4. Lees Market Westport, MA
  5. The Green Grocer Portsmouth
  6. Provencal Bakery and Cafe Middletown
  7. The Power Of Juice Middletown
  8. A Market Natural Foods Newport
  9. Clements' Marketplace Portsmouth
  10. Newport Wine Cellar & Gourmet Newport
  11. Keenwah Eatery Newport
  12. The General Store NEWPORT

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  1. The Holistic Trick Little Compton
  2. Fatulli's Bakery Middletown
  3. Blackstone Caterers Middletown
  4. Starfish Bakery Westport, MA
  5. Clements' Marketplace Portsmouth
  6. Melville Grille Portsmouth
  7. Keenwah Eatery Newport
  8. Sodexo At Salve Regina University Newport

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