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FarmstandsFarm Stands
  1. Old Sawmill Farm Coventry
  2. Breene Acres West Greenwich
  3. Greene Goddess Farm Greene
  4. River's Edge Farm Greene
  5. Natural Designs Foster
  6. Jardins Gardens Foster
  7. Bella Farms Coventry
  8. LaPerche Homestead (The) Hope
  9. Indian Rock Farm RI Scituate
  10. Indian Rock Farm RI Scituate
  11. The Plain Farm West Greenwich
  12. Cucumber Hill Farm Foster
  13. Briggs Beef Foster
  14. AMCC Cattle Co. Foster
  15. Wayne's Organic Garden Oneco, CT
  16. North Rd Tree Farm Foster
  17. Hattoy's Nursery and Garden Center Coventry
  18. Indian Spring Farm Voluntown, CT
  19. Sterling Organic Farm Sterling, CT
  20. Buttercup Farm Sterling, CT
  21. Wild Harmony Farm Exeter
  22. Timberdoodle Farm Scituate
  23. Confreda Greenhouses & Farms Hope
  24. Locust Leaf Farm Foster
  25. Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm Sterling, CT
  26. Wagon Road Greenhouse South Killingly, CT
  27. Good Earth Organic Farm & Gardening Center Cranston
  28. Salisbury Farm Johnston
  29. Betsy's Stand Sterling, CT
  30. Pezza Farm Johnston
  31. Maple Valley Farms EAST GREENWICH
  32. Gardner Farm Exeter
  33. Macomber's Blueberry Farm Exeter
  34. Cedar Edge Farm Exeter
  35. Red Dog's Roost North Scituate
  36. Sunset Orchard Farm North Scituate
  37. Harmony Farms North Scituate
  38. Elwood Orchard North Scituate
  39. Deep Roots Farm North Scituate
  40. Hopkins Southdowns North Scituate
  41. Skydog Farm North Scituate
  42. Blanchard's Farm North Scituate
  43. Harmony Farms North Scituate
  44. Our Kids Farm Exeter

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CSACommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  1. Bella Farms Coventry
  2. Maple Dell Farm Foster
  3. Stone Acres Farm Sterling, CT
  4. Wayne's Organic Garden Oneco, CT
  5. Sterling Organic Farm Sterling, CT
  6. Wild Harmony Farm Exeter
  7. Four Friends CSA Cranston
  8. Our Kids Farm Exeter and Coventry
  9. Big Train Farm N Scituate
  10. Our Kids Farm Exeter

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