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RestaurantsRestaurants + Cafés
  1. John Andrews Restaurant South Egrement
  2. The Old Mill South Egrement
  3. Stagecoach Tavern Sheffield
  4. Swiss Hutte Hillsdale, NY
  5. The Inn at Sweet Water Farm North Egrement
  6. Route 7 Grill Great Barrington
  7. The Underhill Inn Hillsdale, NY
  8. Berkshire Co-op Market Great Barrington
  9. Allium Restaurant + Bar Great Barrington
  10. Baba Louie's Great Barrington
  11. Castle Street Cafe Great Barrington
  12. Helsinki Cafe Great Barrington
  13. Martin's Restaurant Great Barrington
  14. Napa Wine Bar Great Barrington
  15. Pearls Restaurant Great Barrington
  16. SoCo Creamery Great Barrington
  17. Bizalion's Fine Food Great Barrington
  18. The Greens Restaurant at the Copake Country Club Copake Lake, NY
  19. Fiori Restaurant Great Barrington

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GrocersRetailers + Groceries
  1. Berkshire Co-op Market Great Barrington
  2. Rubiner's Cheesemongers and Grocers Great Barrington
  3. Bizalion's Fine Food Great Barrington

  1. Bizalion's Fine Food Great Barrington

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